Cataract Surgery

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Old 05-03-2021, 08:07 AM
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Default Cataract Surgery

I have been to Ocala Eye for basic exams and I have been very pleased. However, the last visit I was told I need Cataract Surgery in both eyes. I am looking for suggestions on the best of their surgeons and what type of surgery/lens implant. We are new here and I don't want to make bad choices. Thanks
Old 05-03-2021, 09:01 AM
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Cataract surgery is a huge profit center for eye clinics.


That said if you need cataract surgery it can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

LASER vs. Knife surgery. LASER surgery means using a LASER to make the incision on your cornea instead of using a knife. The LASER is more accurate, but there is little evidence it results in better outcomes. LASER costs a lot more than a knife. If you are paying, I suggest saving the money and spending it on other more valuable options. )The VA does not offer LASER surgery because they have no evidence it significantly improves outcomes)

Fuchs. Fuchs is a disease (maybe, or mostly is genetic) of the cornea. If you have Fuchs, it makes cataract surgery riskier. I have it, and my brother has it. After delaying it against the doctor's advice, he had cataract surgery, and the outcome was terrible. He now has implanted lens, contact lens, and glasses to be able to see well. It is simple to diagnose ****s. Just ask your optometrist at your next exam. They can see the change in your cornea cells while examining your eyes. The consensus is that if you have Fuchs and you will need cataract surgery, it is better to get it sooner instead of putting it off and allowing the Fuchs to progress.

Listen to your Ophthalmologist for recommendations on what type of lens to have implanted, if any. If they seem to be pushing the more expensive lens, make sure there are good reasons in your case, and the doctor can explain the cost benefits, and it is not just what all the cool kids are doing.

And lastly, there is a minimal risk of cornea damage during or as a result of the surgery requiring a cornea transplant. This risk is worse if you have Fuchs. The good news is the risk is very small. And if you should win the lottery and require a cornea transplant to correct the damage, they can perform the transplant multiple times if the first time(s) until it works.

I am NOT a doctor. I have learned this from my experience researching my cataract surgery, which will hopefully occur in June or July at the VA facility in Gainesville.

Oh, and one last thing. I was referred to a local private (for profit) eye clinic in the Villages last year by the VA because they were so backed up it would have meant waiting up to a year or more in line at the VA.

After going through the private clinic's intake exams and being evaluated, they scheduled me for surgery a couple of weeks from my last exam. Then a week before the surgery, I got a call that I needed to go into the clinic and sign some forms. Upon arrival, they ushered me into a private room presented me with a series of documents I "had" to sign to get the surgery. The forms were an agreement to be bound by arbitration. Not just me, but my family and heirs could never sue them for any reason, even blatant negligence. Springing this on me at the last minute was disturbing. That, combined with the pandemic, was starting up, and the clinic staff did not seem to be taking it seriously, convinced me to back out and wait for the VA to be able to do the surgery.

I am NOT entirely opposed to the idea of binding arbitration agreements, and I understand why they exist in our litigious society, but I didn't like the way it was "sprung" on me at the last minute.

The feeling was like the car salesman that lets you take the new car home while they finalize financing, and then they call to let you know they will need to change the agreement to get you financing. It's a sales gimmick to let the customer think it's a done deal and then springing more conditions on them. It felt like a scam to me. It probably wasn't. It probably was innocent, but I have faith and trust in the VA, and I decided to put my eyes in their hands.
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Old 05-03-2021, 09:07 AM
Gpsma Gpsma is offline
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I just had cataract surgery by Dr. Jank at Ocala Eye.

Had the multi-focal lens put in.

All is fine..20/15 vision now.
We need HALAL now!
Old 05-03-2021, 11:06 AM
DAVES DAVES is offline
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Originally Posted by 2bordens View Post
I have been to Ocala Eye for basic exams and I have been very pleased. However, the last visit I was told I need Cataract Surgery in both eyes. I am looking for suggestions on the best of their surgeons and what type of surgery/lens implant. We are new here and I don't want to make bad choices. Thanks
My understanding. First of all I had mine done and an thrilled with the result. Sort of like that ad for hearing aids. It is a slow progression and I did not realize what I was missing.

As to when, there is no line in the sand. Actually there is. My eye sight was so bad I probably should not have been driving.

As to prescription of not. My advice is you should ask your doctor. If, you do not trust him or her, you should choose another doctor. Issues with your vision, I always thought
it is was the lens. It is also due to curvature, defects of your retina. Interesting is that they can measure that and then choose the proper prescription for you. I got prescription implants. They are not the multi-focal type so I still use close up glasses-readers.

It was done 7-8 years ago. As stated I was, I am thrilled

cataract, surgery, bad, implant, surgeons

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