Credit card fraud

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Closed Thread
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Old 12-05-2019, 09:44 AM
rothbear rothbear is offline
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Originally Posted by retiredguy123 View Post
I agree, except for paypal. If you use paypal, you give up your Federal protection rights to dispute a credit card charge. Paypal is a middleman between the merchant and you. So, once you pay money to paypal, even with a credit card, you cannot dispute the charge based on non-performance by the merchant. I never use paypal for that reason.
Wow...…..I didn't realize that. Now I know why I had a problem with an auto-renew from Norton through Paypal that I didn't authorize. AmEx put a hold on it but it was released the next day for payment. Now I understand why. Luckily I called Norton and after a long "discussion" with an offshore CS person I did get the charge reversed.

Originally Posted by Jerseyskirt View Post
Our waiter took a very long time cashing out the bill. The next morning I got a credit card fraud alert, someone tried using the card online. thankfully the charges were declined by the card company.
Had this happen at an Outback once in NC. Woman took way too long to return with our card. For some reason I had decided to use a card we rarely use, so I knew where it happened. Around Christmas time about 10 years ago and all of a sudden I started getting charges from stores at the Mall of America in MN. I agree about having the card reader at the table. I'm so glad to see them at Olive Garden and Applebee's, at least.

Originally Posted by John_W View Post
A week later I filed a claim with Discover card and about a month later I was credited $33 by Discover. So Paypal is not the end-all that some might think.
Good to know. But it is a royal pain to have to deal with TWO companies. I also have all three of my CCs set up to send me texts when something is charged so knew about the Norton charge right away. I called AmEx ASAP but didn't go through Paypal. Not sure I will use them as often as I have in the past unless it is a store that I have never used before that I don't want them to have my info. But at least I know about their policies. Unfortunately Paypal is rather notorious about denying claims. All they want is their money. Just ask any ebay seller who has had a fraudulent claim from a seller who is pulling a scam.

One bad thing we have found about the texts for a charge is that hubby can't buy me any presents without me finding out! So now he has to use our daughter, who he calls his "shopper elf". She buys what he wants and then we pay her back.
Old 12-05-2019, 10:04 AM
OhioBuckeye OhioBuckeye is offline
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Maybe I’m just lucky or I bank at a good bank. I’ve had my credit compromised when someone was trying to use it when I was trying to use it at the same time where I lived so whoever was trying to use it in another state, red flags popped up where ever it trying to be used. My bank stopped it before this person even got there merchandise. Then my bank called me or emailed me & told me what happened & they said this credit card was no good & they gave me a new one. My best defense is when we go on vacation out of state I always call my bank & give them all the details. Credit cards aren’t fool proof. You would think with all the technology we have, you would think credit cards could be made absolutely fool proof.
Old 12-05-2019, 11:00 AM
BCKING BCKING is offline
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In the UK and Canada, the servers in the restaurants and elsewhere bring a machine to your table every time so your card is never out of sight. No reason why it can’t be done in the US. HK
Old 12-05-2019, 11:06 AM
manaboutown's Avatar
manaboutown manaboutown is online now
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It seems every year I have fraud attempted on one or two of my cards. Fortunately the issuers usually spot it and notify me.
"No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth." Plato

“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine
Old 12-05-2019, 11:18 AM
OrangeBlossomBaby OrangeBlossomBaby is offline
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Originally Posted by BCKING View Post
In the UK and Canada, the servers in the restaurants and elsewhere bring a machine to your table every time so your card is never out of sight. No reason why it can’t be done in the US. HK
The problem isn't your card. It's the machine you're swiping it into. Those machines can be rigged with skimmers that collect your CC info - and then that info passed to criminals who use the info to buy things online, or even duplicate the card and use the fraudulent copy in stores.

That's why virtual cards are so much more secure. The card info is in "virtual space" and the only way to access it is with your fingerprint or facial recognition technology on your cell phone.
Old 12-05-2019, 11:27 AM
retiredguy123 retiredguy123 is offline
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Originally Posted by BCKING View Post
In the UK and Canada, the servers in the restaurants and elsewhere bring a machine to your table every time so your card is never out of sight. No reason why it can’t be done in the US. HK
I agree. I think the banks should require restaurants and other merchants to bring a machine to the table, or allow the customer to swipe or wave their card at the machine themselves. The way it works now, any employee can snap a photo of your card when they take it into the back room. They don't even need a skimmer. Banks could stop this immediately.
Old 12-05-2019, 12:19 PM
NavyVet NavyVet is offline
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I learned some good tips here today. I've never used PayPal, never will. Just don't trust it. We tend to put everything on one card because the reward points are so good. Have been compromised a few times over the years but our bank CC company is very on top of any suspicious activity. We also track every day on line. The other good thing they do is it's one account, but each card has its own different number. We split all the recurring monthly payment vendors 50-50, so if one of us is compromised and has to get a new card/number, at least we only have to update half the list. Still a hassle, but changing 10-15 vendors is better than 20-30.
I like the idea of using a separate card just for restaurants; will probably start using the back-up card for that.
Old 12-05-2019, 04:39 PM
Holland114 Holland114 is offline
Junior Member
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Default Thx for the tips!

I use my debit card all the time, PayPal once a month or so. n my charge card at Christmas only !
But. —- I have a lot to think about now. Didn’t think about the debit card not being as secured from my bank. And same with pay pal! I totally see your point! Thank you. Also. I agree 💯 % on the card shouldn’t leave our table ! Or hands. I am going to use cash a bit more n think about all of this info. Thank you all so much ! Merry Christmas and happy New Yr 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Old 12-05-2019, 07:39 PM
BeauJangles BeauJangles is offline
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JFYI, the Olive Garden here has the machine on the table. it is great!
Old 12-06-2019, 03:36 PM
asianthree's Avatar
asianthree asianthree is offline
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Only carry America Express, they care. Will call u, send text or email when a charge does not fit profile
Do not worry about things you can not change
Old 12-06-2019, 11:15 PM
CFrance's Avatar
CFrance CFrance is offline
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Originally Posted by asianthree View Post
Only carry America Express, they care. Will call u, send text or email when a charge does not fit profile
I use both. Visa does the same thing. I have had difficulty in the past with Amex helping me on a bum charge. Capital One Visa has been exceptional in detecting fraud.

Amex is not accepted very much out of the country, especially in small shops and big grocery stores.
It's harder to hate close up.
Old 12-06-2019, 11:58 PM
Velvet's Avatar
Velvet Velvet is online now
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Originally Posted by asianthree View Post
Only carry America Express, they care. Will call u, send text or email when a charge does not fit profile
My impression is when credit card companies take precautions against fraud they are protecting themselves mainly. They need to reimburse you if you notify them in time of unauthorized charges so it is they who are out the money not the card holder.
Old 12-07-2019, 06:23 AM
Chatbrat Chatbrat is offline
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I never use a credit card @gas stations when I travel, the only gas station I use a credit card @ is Sam's, I use the Shell gas cards that we accumulate @ Publix for out of area travel--gas stations along interstates, are known to have skimmers
Old 12-08-2019, 01:34 PM
stadalberts stadalberts is offline
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Old 12-14-2019, 11:47 AM
PugMom's Avatar
PugMom PugMom is offline
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Originally Posted by jojo View Post
I am aware that many of us have suffered having our credit card compromised. Mine was used for a purchase over $850 at the Walmart in Summerfield on Monday. My credit card company notified me that they had declined a second attempted charge of $420. They have already removed the first charge. However, I thought being a good citizen, that I would go to Walmart the day after these charges occurred so that perhaps they could produce some additional evidence. The manager seemed concerned but did not follow up with me. I also stopped by the Sheriff's office on 466 just to let them know in case there's a pattern. I didn't file a report but again wanted to alert them but there was little interest. Is there no hope for catching these folks?
dittos. the police told me to file a report, no matter what, because it keeps a file going on the activity. in my case, i actually phoned a rep of the vendor, told them my situation & they gave me all the info re: the purchase, including name of the person the items were delivered to, & location. was some person from rhode island. i gave the cops that info, they were glad to get it.
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