Golf Cart hit and Run

Golf Cart hit and Run


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You may not be aware
Old 06-12-2019, 08:47 AM
DAVES DAVES is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 95
Default You may not be aware

Originally Posted by Jazuela View Post
Having the individual licensed isn't helpful, because so many people let their guests use the carts, and why would an out-of-state visitor only there for a couple of days, make an effort to own up to responsibility when they caused it in the first place?

Attach ownership of the cart to ownership of the property. Make it part of a universal deed compliance regulation. It can be identified by color on the bumper with some kind of prominent sticker, to direct observers/witnesses/victims to district, or village, or region. Make it easy to narrow it down, if not flat-out identify it fully.
You mention lending your car/cart to an out of state visitor.
You really should check. With a car, automobile, the owner of the car is responsible for damages not the driver you loaned it to. Actually, perhaps shocking, if someone steals your car and does damages with your car you are still responsible for the damages caused.
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Wow a long post with no solution
Old 06-12-2019, 04:15 PM
DAVES DAVES is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 95
Default Wow a long post with no solution

Originally Posted by Ladygolfer93 View Post
I agree, I hope no one takes my remarks here as some kind of defensive stance, but, I don't think the inventors of the golf cart (don't know them but DO remember the old Harley Davidson kind with ONLY one front wheel !) had anything in mind other than driving them on anything but a golf course. Made it possible for many who never dreamed of playing or who had to give it up, able to play. Fast forward to ATV's, golf carts as taking the place of automobiles, government grants to purchase golf carts as "electric" vehicles, etc. etc. and what government could have possibly seen what is going on today ! Personally I can't believe the dangerous calls I have had with people who purchased a VERY fast vehicle designed to run on public automobile roads, and then what do they do, run on the golf cart paths in the V's like it's a race track. Often, this is accompanied with a strong shaking of the fist and unintelligible language as they speed around JUST having enough time to get back to the right before hitting an on coming cart head on. Why, why, why ? Not saying, just asking, would it do anything to make irresponsible people more responsible, more caring, less self consumed, to license them ? Did people stop driving drunk when it became illegal to do so ? Do boat owners never drive drunk in states where the state issues boat licenses ? Don't misunderstand, anything is worth a try ! But, sure have not seen the criminals saying to themselves, "Oh, I forgot, I HAVE to get down and register this gun". I tend to think, just a hunch, we'd end up having one more expense and the people like this one would STILL do exactly what this despicable person did. How sad. I will go on record saying I considered all sides of the controversy of teens being able to go to our local public course years ago and rent a golf cart when they could not yet drive an auto. Our park board and city council were all over the place on this. My final opinion was, unfair as it might seem, teens should NOT be able to rent gas or electric carts, but as an incentive to take up the game and not feel they were being discriminated against, could be allowed the use of the (then $2, LOL !) pull carts free of charge (in other words, included in the teen 9 & 18 hole rates) if under the age of 16. Walking is good exercise if you are physically able. Should a disabled teen be able to use a cart to get around, absolutely, life as a disabled young person is hard enough. Ok, some will probably get angry about all of the person above mentioned.
Regrettably, only the dead have no risk. Before you assume, my golf cart is set to do the legal 20mph.

Sadly, try as you might you cannot outlaw stupid. As to walking, and those electric carts for handicapped people. My OPINION at least wear bright clothes. Walkers in the tunnels wearing dark gray clothing with zero room to get out of the way of a golf cart oh and often two and even three across.
Clearly dangerous. A bright orange or green shirt as the landscapers use only cost a couple of bucks.
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