Grocery Shopping & CDC Guidelines

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Closed Thread
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Old 03-20-2020, 12:38 PM
twotogo twotogo is offline
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Default Grocery Shopping & CDC Guidelines

Dear Fellow Villagers,
Recently when waiting for a grocery store to open, everyone bunched together to get into the store. The CDC guidelines are to have 6 ft. between you and another person if out in the public. Standing in a group of 50 people you could possibly get infected or give an infection. We are mostly in the age group with the most risk for the coronavirus. Please when waiting to get into the store, form a single line & stay 6 ft. apart & wait your turn to enter the store. Please use your social consideration & care for the workers in the store also. All of us will be at less risk if we use common sense. Thank you for caring.
Old 03-20-2020, 03:33 PM
NotGolfer NotGolfer is offline
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Many weren't around when the common sense was handed out. I shopped the other day and was in the check-out line when I turned around to have a man standing beside my cart.... I was to the front of it and side to unload it.....He leaned over for a stick to separate and proceeded to rapidly unload his groceries. I asked him politely to step back as I wanted to "social distance". He said "then get some gloves!" (??????) He had some on BUT wonder if he all of a sudden coughed or sneezed or wasn't feeling well?? Gloves aren't what social distancing is about. He never complied neither....I see plenty of folks crowding in stores. Their common sense has been lost!
Old 03-20-2020, 03:44 PM
perrjojo's Avatar
perrjojo perrjojo is offline
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Our son is a physician and he says he laughs when he sees people in public wearing gloves because you still have the germs on your gloves and still touching your face, and other items, etc. one grocery cashier wearing gloves and touching everyone’s groceries and her face so she just passed germs from order to order on her gloves. She still touched her face with her gloves.
Old 03-20-2020, 03:48 PM
OrangeBlossomBaby OrangeBlossomBaby is offline
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I get customers who step fairly close to me lately, to ask a question or make a comment. Some of them are getting as close as most people normally do when nothing particular is going on. But it almost seems as though some are intentionally leaning closer than that. Like - if I have "my space" they're standing on the line between not being in it, and being in it. I want to think the best of them - that they're trying to demonstrate that me, being surrounded by people all day long and possibly a risk to their own health, is trustworthy and they will take their chances.

But honestly folks - and nothing personal - but - at this particular moment in life, I'm not too concerned about you being able to trust my germs (or lack thereof). If there are a lot of people in the aisle and we have to stand closer to converse without being run over by a shopping cart, I totally get it and have no problem with that. But if I'm standing at my uboat trying to get a box of glass jars off of it, keep an arm's length and don't box me in. That should be always, not just now. But especially now.
Old 03-20-2020, 05:21 PM
queasy27 queasy27 is offline
Veteran member
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I've worn gloves the couple of times I've been shopping, primarily as a reminder not to touch my face, but also to avoid skin contact with the cart, credit card machine, etc. When I leave the store, I peel off the gloves from the inside out and put them in the trash can at the door. Perhaps spitting in the wind, but I already have one lung disease, thank you very much.

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