Anybody remember enjoying paper dolls?

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Closed Thread
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Old 02-15-2015, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by redwitch View Post
I was a seriously greedy child. I used to design clothes for my friends' paper dolls. Fifty cents for a new wardrobe. I made a fortune from Carol who always wanted new clothes for her Lennon Sister dolls. Personally, I would die before being caught actually playing with them. I was into Tonka trucks and soldiers of all eras (they all died bravely and tragically).
My brother and I blew them up with cherry bombs and M80s
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Old 02-15-2015, 01:15 PM
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I remember dolls with a fuzzy surface (like velcro) so felt clothes adhered to the dolls. No pesky paper tabs.
I spent a lot of time playing with boys with army tanks and soldiers.
But my favorite toy was my friend's Jack-in-the-Box. I loved that toy. Unfortunately it didn't last long, her dog loved it too.

Barefoot At Last
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.
Old 02-15-2015, 01:36 PM
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Betsy McCall Paper Dolls - The First Ten Years
I remember each one of these !!!! I couldn't wait for Mom to finish the magazine and I could cut out the dolls.. Thanks for the memory !!!
Old 02-15-2015, 01:40 PM
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Mom did not let me have them. She said they were only for girls.
But yes I remember them.
I had to settle to play dress the wife up.
Old 02-15-2015, 05:04 PM
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I enjoyed cutting out the clothes, only time I was allowed to use scissors.
North of Pgh and OBX
Old 02-15-2015, 05:35 PM
tomwed tomwed is offline
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Originally Posted by graciegirl View Post
Sometimes, Tomwed, I just like you a lot, but sometimes I just plain love you. In a virtuous Catholic way. lol.
Here's the whole Holy Communion story.
You celebrated Holy Communion in Hudson County, NJ at the end of first grade. By than my dad gave me at least 3 knives to keep in my pocket because "you never know when you will need it." I had no idea what that meant.

We used to throw them in trees and play a game of knife tricks getting it to stick in the ground. It was like diving but with a knife.

For Holy Communion every first grader dressed in white. We were not wealthy, neither were my friends but everyone got a white suit or fancy dress. When it came to shoes I told my mom more than anything I want a pair of white bucks, the one with the clips that don't have laces. Just like Pat Boon wore. Just like all the other guys wanted. I can't imagine we were fashion conscience, it was probably because Mike Garlinsky was getting them, so that was what we wanted.

Mom being mom found a way. That may have saved my foot.

My Dad gives me this Jim Bouey Knife after the sacrament, back at our house before all the relatives showed up. I went in the backyard to try my tricks. The first trick was to just get it to stick in the ground. I threw it down and it went into my shoe. The leather was so stiff and hard it stuck right in and never touched my skin and stood right up.

I thought this was pretty cool and went in the kitchen with the knife standing up in the front of my shoe and said "Hey mom, look at this!". She nearly passed out and that was the last time I saw that knife.

Thanks ma for the bucks.

Last edited by tomwed; 02-15-2015 at 06:29 PM.
Old 02-15-2015, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by tomwed View Post
I always played with erector sets and lincoln logs. I don't recall swallowing a single one.
I had a Daisey BB gun too when I was way too young and still have both eyes. The same with knives. For my First Holy Communion my dad gave me a Jim Bouey Knife. My mother hid that and I never could find it.

[Now that I think about it, I wonder if my Dad was trying to get rid of me?]

sorry i went off track,,,
My sister played with paper dolls---i didn't get it,,,I'm so Catholic, I wouldn't look.
That is just downright hysterical.
It's harder to hate close up.
Old 02-15-2015, 06:14 PM
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I never played with paper dolls, but I did learn how to cut a newspaper into a series of linked figures.
All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
Winston Churchill
Old 02-15-2015, 10:24 PM
NavyNJ NavyNJ is offline
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Afraid I don't have much to offer regarding Paper Dolls......but "Satin Dolls" there was a place with a good Happy Hour on Rt. 17 up in Lodi, NJ near the Meadowlands! In fact....more or less any hour there was "happy hour"! lol
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