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Political Forum Notice

1) The political forum is NOT moderated. If you do not like the discussions in the political forum you should unsubscribe and remove yourself from them.

2) Your disagreements and tone from the political forum should NOT carry over into the main moderated forums. Infractions and user account suspensions will be issued if this is necessary to maintain the integrity of the TOTV website non political forums.

3) If you do not like the discussions or interactions with any specific user(s) we suggest you add them to your 'Ignore List' which is a feature of the website (click on usercp to add a user) so you do not have to interact with anyone that YOU do not choose to interact with.

Even though YOU as the user must make the decision to be subscribed to the political forum and if you are going to add a user to your ignore list we strongly encourage those who do remain for all that is American, have mature civil discussions about viewpoints without lowering their own personal beliefs, standards and morals.

If you can't you should consider removing yourself from the political forum.

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