Course Conditions for upcoming season

Course Conditions for upcoming season


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Closed Thread
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Old 08-24-2016, 08:38 PM
kcrazorbackfan's Avatar
kcrazorbackfan kcrazorbackfan is offline
Soaring Eagle member
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Location: The Villages, FL
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All you wannabe (armchair) greens superintendents, hop your fat butts (with your 20+ handicaps) out of your recliners, drive up to the La Reina bldg. at Spanish Springs, go to GMS on the 2nd floor and turn in your applications to Todd Basso; I'm sure your ideas won't even get a second sniff.

Wow! I knew when I saw the email regarding this, there would be crybabies and whiners coming out of the woodwork ****ing and moaning about course conditions and offering their lack of knowledge of what should be done.

Give Rickey Craig a chance. Considering the lack of rains we've had, the privileged/entitled who refuse to "fix them, fill them and rake them" and those that drive between the traps and greens well within the 15' limit, I think he's done a great job in the short time he's been here.
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Old 08-25-2016, 03:45 AM
russtcc russtcc is offline
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 64

In the short time i have been here all the courses south of Palmer have much better fairway conditions than in the past. There is more grass and I don't see the maintenance crew mowing the dirt any more. Seem to me that the new guy has made a positive difference so far.
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Old 08-25-2016, 06:18 AM
golfing eagles's Avatar
golfing eagles golfing eagles is offline
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Location: East Meadow NY, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Auburn NY, Lake Deaton
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Let's interject just a little logic into this discussion:

IF, in years gone by when the summer rainfall was inadequate they skipped over seeding, but over seeded in years with normal rainfall

AND IF we are 7 inches short this year

THEN the logical conclusion is that the decision not to over seed this year is based on the weather not cost savings

Also, a word about over seeding cost. According to the referenced article, over seeding with rye costs $700-900/acre. So how many acres of FAIRWAYS are there on championship courses?? Good question, so I'll attempt to estimate. I'll ignore the par 3's that have little fairway and just overestimate the remaining holes a bit. The par 4's vary considerably---the fairway on 8 of Egret starts about 200 yds. short of the green, but is wide about 100 yd. short. Number 6 of Seminole has a lot less fairway than average. Even though #1 of Destin is shorter than #1 of Egret, it has more fairway. I think if we estimate an average of 300 yds. of fairway at 50 yds. wide we should be in the ballpark. 300 x 50 = 15,000 sq. yds. = 135,000 sq. ft. = approx. 3 acres. This would be (ignoring the par 3's) 21 acres/9 holes x 34 championship 9's =714 acres. At $700/acre this is about 1/2 million, not the many millions cited above. Another way to look at that cost is that with over 1 million championship rounds/year it is less than 50 cents from each greens fee. There are other pros and cons of over seeding listed in this article. I think it best to allow the golf course professionals do their job and not second guess them or decide what their motivation might be.

Old 08-25-2016, 06:24 AM
outlaw outlaw is offline
Soaring Eagle member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 2,011

I have never played on painted courses. Are they any different than a course that is not painted and not overseeded? It just seems to me, one would have tighter lies on the fairways, and after a lot of play, maybe some bad lies due to divots and wear. My former golf course painted the greens instead of overseeding one year. Didn't play it, so don't know the effect.
Old 08-25-2016, 06:34 AM
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2 threads on this topic were merged together. Posts appear in chronological order.

Old 08-25-2016, 07:28 AM
johnboy johnboy is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Calumet Grove, The Villages
Posts: 47
Default Overseeding

Have played many courses who don't oversees in the winter such as "The Landings" in Georgia and except for the brown color of the grass are in much better condition than any of our courses here in "The Villages" I'll take a nice lie on the fairway anyday compared with something that looks green. I'm confident that this young man has much more experience in improving our courses than 99.9% of us.
Old 08-25-2016, 07:59 AM
Dr Winston O Boogie jr's Avatar
Dr Winston O Boogie jr Dr Winston O Boogie jr is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 6,062

Originally Posted by NYGUY View Post
Today's Daily Sun tells us The Villages will only overseed the greens and tees this year. The rest of the course will be mowed higher until such time as the Bermuda goes dormant. Plant pigment (read paint) will then be applied. Sounds like a disaster to me. (Daily Sun, 8/24/16, Page B3)
Pretty common maintenance plan for Florida golf courses.

By the way, it's not paint. It's more like a food coloring.

There's noting wrong with playing off of dormant Bermuda. In fact a lot of good players prefer it. Plant pigment is added to make it look nice because most golfers think that green is good.
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Old 08-25-2016, 08:01 AM
Polar Bear's Avatar
Polar Bear Polar Bear is online now
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I'm fine giving the new guy a chance. Mallory has been good recently.
Old 08-25-2016, 08:16 AM
ajbrown's Avatar
ajbrown ajbrown is online now
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Mallory Square (9 months/year), TBD the rest
Posts: 2,624

After being a bit embarrassed when bringing guests last March and April why not try something new. Many courses use this approach.

One thing to watch... Combine the fact that Bermuda will remain dormant until May with the large amount of traffic the courses get, I ponder what the fairways will look like with sand filled divots and wear.

Maybe our group will have a local rule to play sand filled divots as GUR or maybe it will not be an issue at all

I will save my comments until February, March and April
Old 08-25-2016, 01:07 PM
ajbrown's Avatar
ajbrown ajbrown is online now
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Mallory Square (9 months/year), TBD the rest
Posts: 2,624

I was just about to start a thread and ask why this thread closed (at my own peril) . I went to get the link to the thread and find it was re-opened.

Thank you.
Closed Thread

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