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Debbraham 06-20-2019 09:34 AM

Never thought I would be doing CrossFit but stopped in Section 8 CrossFit on Hwy 441 to see what it was all about and so glad I did. It’s just not for fit 20-40s! I’m 67 and a several pounds extra! Spoke with Bryan, the owner and trainer, and he explained it’s especially great for all of us olders! It’s not just about body building it’s about retaining function as we age. The classes that I go to, Bryan modifies the workout for my abilities. He stresses form so you won’t injure yourself. CrossFit focuses especially on those muscles and activities that we need to keep working and functioning as we age...getting up out of a chair, reaching for something up in a cabinet without hurting your shoulder, general flexibility and endurance. We lose so much muscle and function as we age..I feel like this is a little bit of a fountain of youth! Stop in to talk with him or call him to set up a time 352-460-0787.. 2191 Hwy 441 Fruitland Park (just a mile or so north of 466A)
Hope to see more Villagers there getting strong! Bryan is going to do a Villagers workout at 9:30 am M-F! Stop in for a free class! It’s like having a personal trainer who trains you at your level!

BobnBev 06-20-2019 01:23 PM

I wonder if insurance pays?

mgwarden 06-23-2019 07:56 PM

Does any other reader of this post think it sounds suspiciously like a commercial? Could be just me.

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