Lithium ion battery conversion

Lithium ion battery conversion


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Like so many things it is a matter of opinion
Old 03-13-2019, 02:05 PM
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Default Like so many things it is a matter of opinion

I used to sell high power rechargeable flash units. So in truth my experience is about five years old.

Lead acid, nickle cadmium and lithium batteries have all been and are being used in high power flash units and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Lead acid batteries are still the least expensive option at the start. Any product needs to be sold.
Someone posted that to convert to lithium ion would cost 2-3.000.
Would you pay an extra 3,000 for a xxxxx golf cart with lithium ion batteries? The companies will sell what people are willing to buy.

Number of times the battery can be recharged. It is at best how big a lie do you want to tell. What is a charge discharge cycle? How far down are you running each cell? Lithium Ion cells will get far more charge discharge cycles it you don't run them down much. How many people, they are few and far between, keep a true count of how many times they have charged a battery?

Lithium Ion batteries have come way down in price; so today you can consider it as an option. As far as explosions. We've heard a lot of bad press as they are becoming far more common-in cell phones-laptops-rechargeable tools. Not a justification BUT, lead acid batteries also explode. You all know you have to add water. Do you know where the water goes?
When you charge the battery you connect it to a DC source (the charger). Some of the acid water mix called the electrolyte. Oxygen plus hydrogen. plus a spark equals BOOM.

Gasoline-hum. You have typically 6 gal of gas in your golf cart
another 20 or so in your car. Enough gasoline vapors and a spark from anything, cigarette, your ac, your refrigerator also equals BOOM.

Fortunately, in most cases we get away with things that can end badly.
is converted on every charge to oxygen and hydrogen.
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