Where are the dogs?

Where are the dogs?


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Where are the dogs?
Old 03-14-2019, 07:22 AM
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Default Where are the dogs?


No really… where are the dogs?

Before Richard Baier mandated the employees were not to make anyone aware of Lost Pets of The Villages, but instead instruct them to tell residents to kill the KILL shelter, Lost Pets was getting an average of about three or more dogs a week back to the owners.

We often times ran into people saying if THEY couldn’t find the owners, they would keep the dog.

Now, we aren’t seeing them posted as being at the pound, where the employees are to tell residents to call if they find a dog.

So… where are they?????

Is the County Animal Control not posting them? Are people keeping them? Are people picking them up and driving off with them?

Where are they???

I’m told the employees are getting the calls. So… where are they?

Richard Baier says it’s a “Liability” to give the residents options, ie. Telling them Lost Pets of The Villages is here to help. That is just a very poor excuse. Why isn’t it a liability for other communities? Why isn’t it a liability to tell people to put the dog out on the street? To tell people to call the pound?
But it’s a liability to tell people there are people out there to get a dog back home?

The County says it’s a liability to let volunteers work in the pound. Why??? Are they afraid if they let volunteers in, someone might know what is going on? The “LIABILITY” my friends, is they no longer have control. They can control employees. Those people need the job. You can’t control people who aren’t getting paid.

I know the dogs are out there. I know the employees are getting the calls. Where are our pets going?

As to the “liability” ANYTHING can be called a liability if you don’t want to do something! (walking into any Village building can be a liability) We have already shown where the real liability is in NOT giving the residents choices!

I call BS and so should you!!!

Folks, YOU need to go to the meetings in The Villages. Tell Mr. Baier how you feel about this! Raise your voice and be heard! Write letters to everyone and speak out! Make people aware of what is going on.

This is YOUR issue. Please do not be silent!

And TAG AND CHIP your pets! You have to do both! Tag to get it home fast and chip to assure no one takes the tag off and chips it as their own!

Reach out to the District Manager and the Developers.

District Administration
352-751-3939 • Fax: 352-753-6430
Email Administration
Richard J. Baier: Richard.Baier@districtgov.org

We want to hear your thoughts on this. Please comment and share!

Angie Fox
Lost Pets of The Villages
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