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Originally Posted by Velvet View Post
Much easier to have a pessary, a smooth plastic ring that holds bladder up and in place. You can’t feel it. You can wash it and insert it yourself regularly, as easy as a tampon. The nets have possible complications, dig into your body and infections make it necessary for an operation to remove. And the net requires surgery in the first place. For the pessary you go to your gyn and she measures the size you need, you get it at the drug store and that is it. My mother lived with it all her life, no problems.
That wasn’t an option for me. I needed a triple repair: bladder, leaning rectum and herniated vagina. Let’s just say I was a mess. 12 week recuperation but very little discomfort. I went to a Dr. Bailey, a uro/Gynocologist, in Gainesville. This was about 10 years ago.
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A urologist would be my only choice
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I had the operation and Dr. Del Charco was the best choice for me. I would recommend him, he is very knowledgeable and told me everything I needed to know to fully understand this procedure and what I would go through and the time I would need to recover. He was spot on! I chose the full operation and I would do it again. He is located close to Advent hospital in Ocala.
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The actual medical term is "prolapsed bladder" and yes, it is easily correctable.

prolapsed bladder - Bing
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