Has 2020 changed your attitude about your real hair color?

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Old 09-01-2020, 06:13 AM
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Default Has 2020 changed your attitude about your real hair color?

I am using this opportunity to let my roots grow out.

In my past life, I was in the hair chair every 4 or 5 weeks.

I can’t tell yet if it my hair is gray or silver or white. But it looks like whatever color it is, it is solid. I am rooting for silver.

Has anyone else found this new hobby?

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The 5 woman friends I know couldn’t wait to get back in the chair when things opened up, none were fans of the natural color. I guess they’ll be forever blonde
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No, both of us don’t use chemicals to alter appearance. One silver, other light brown/ blond highlights from sun. Gray doesn’t run in one family even in their 80s
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At about age fifty, I had to choose between color and getting perms to manage my cursed extremely fine hair, since I couldn't do both without a major case of frizz. I chose perms. So I never concerned myself with color and, in fact, have liked the gradual transition from mousy to off white. Now, due to Covid 19, it's been over a year since the last perm and my hair is almost long enough to part in the middle and pull back in a knot. At least that will get it out of my face. Until I feel safe submitting to a perm in a salon, my style will be that of the woman in the "American Gothic" painting.
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I’ve always used a gentle non ammonia highlight. Ordered a dozen from Amazon because when we went into lockdown they stop making it so there were shortages. Now I have a years supply. But I have considered going more grey - if I have to. I stopped going to salons decades ago, after they fried my hair with coloring a couple of times.
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Took this opportunity to go to what is turning out to be silver/white. Almost all of the dyed color has been cut out. Shorter than I like on me but allowed this trying to get rid of the brown. I'm embracing my white hair and my advanced age.
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Many TV ladies are going to be fairer after this pandemic...
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I have short layered hair that I get cut and colored every four weeks like clockwork. The shutdown happened the day before my March appointment. I wanted to cry. Three months later I got a quick cut (I was still a bit nervous about spending 1.5 hours in the salon for color, not sure how crowded it would be, etc.) and then a month later I did cut and color. By then I had about an inch and a half of white/silver in front and on top (back still lots of brown). That was enough for me. Never want to see more than 1/4" of non-red hair on my head! I don't do nails, massages, or spend a lot on clothes. My hair is my one splurge.

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well, my hair is salt&pepper (more salt than pepper).

thinking about getting more colorful and going "cayenne", like>
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Default Gray is the New Blonde

Not sure why all the young girls are coloring their hair gray, it will get there soon enough.

I will not let my roots grow out I go between blonde and brown with a lot of highlights.

I buy the root touchup spray can it gives me an extra week or two before I have to go back to the salon.
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Mine are white and I love it. I started growing it out in April and I’m half way there. I love it and so do my friends. A good change
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At around age 50, my wife could see the coloring damage to her hair. Stopped the coloring. Just turned 55 and it's soft, healthy, long, and silver. Fine with me.
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I'm the opposite. I never colored my hair because of chemicals, but I decided to change things up this summer and tried to get some blond out of my medium brown hair. Tried one box of blond and NOTHING happened. Tried another one a week later and left it in longer than they said and just got reddish. Oh well... My hair is adamant about staying natural!
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Default Has 2020 changed your attitude about your real hair color?

We bought an electric smoker. Thinking it takes time, and requries the meats to be tended to often in the day. Also, it is a nice hobby for both of us to enjoy.
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I have several friends who did it. No matter what, they look older than when color was used.
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