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Default Click Here - THE HOME IMPROVEMENT Section!!!

We would like to add more clarification and support of the Home Improvement/Contractor section.

- The 5 Star rating is TOTALLY a separate feature from the reviews section. As a registered user you can offer up a review on a specific contractor, offer a 5 star rating, or both. We encourage everyone to do this to continue making it the #1 resource for all Villagers.
- The 5 Star rating is an average. If someone votes a 1 and someone votes a 5 then it will average a 3. This is an automatic calculation done by the software. We encourage every registered user to rate any contractor they have used in this section. If there are enough low scores then they will not want to advertise on TOTV and that is good as we do not want anyone with a low star rating to be on the site in that section. So you the user have the control over the star rating. ALSO - with that said each user can only vote 1 time per contractor so the system only counts your vote 1 time for each contractor so we can minimize any abuse of the 5 star rating.

Feel free to leave a review on any contractor that you have used in this section. If there are enough bad reviews then that business will not advertise and that is good for everyone to maintain a high quality of contractors in the section on the site.

Reminder - Yes the only businesses are advertisers listed in this section. This is a free site and this section is a free section for all the TOTV residents and the cost is offset by the support of local businesses. This entire section was custom coded for the users on this site with much time, effort, and cost put into it.
HOWEVER, as mentioned above if a business is getting a bad star rating and reviews then they will leave and we are perfectly ok with that. The amount of money from 1 of these business's advertising is so small compared to what the quality of the section means to us.

As mentioned above by other users use everything you can like the BBB, Seniors Against Crimes, the contractors insurance, etc. to make the most informed decision but with more and more votes and 5 star ratings by all USERS on the site, this section will help everyone now and for years to come.

Thanks in advance for your time to read this and support. We hope this helps other users in the future as that is the intent of the section to add just another layer of value and information when selecting a contractor.

Best Regards and thanks for your support to make this section the best tool for every Villager,


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