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Default Posting guidelines

I mentioned in a previous post about how incivility on forums can lead to their collapse. That is why I pulled that thread.

Now Darrel, Jan and I have decided to implement rules, or guidelines, we can follow to stop degenerating threads more quickly.

Also, we decided to try to act more quickly since we are using these guidelines.

We are implementing "posting bans" of various lengths of time for conduct unbecoming a TOTV poster. Users who we post-ban will be able to log into the forum and read everything but they will not be able to post new messages or replies during the ban. At the end of the ban, their posting privilege will be returned. Notice that I said privilege, not right, to post.

Neither Jan, Darrel or I strive for this forum to be only happiness, fluff and light, but we will be insisting that you post with civility. It is obvious and you all surely know what I mean by civility. If you don't, then we will teach you with post-bans. It is our sole judgement of when to apply bans. It sounds autocratic, but we all will see its value when a thread gets into an outrageous tailspin.

We want this forum's posts to be honest and independent of any outside influence, but we insist that postings be respectful. That is the only thing we have to offer. Honest discussion, banter, fun and tons of good information for Villagers, new comers and those planing or pondering moving to The Villages.

Another way to draw a post-ban will be unabashedly pitching your own business in posts. We sell advertising or sponsorships for that. Whether you are an advertiser or not, pitching your business in posts is not permitted. Your advertising carries you message. We know we tread a fine line in the Contractors and Services board, but those posts are usually from Villagers recommending reputable firms. We encourage honest, civil comment about firms you know about directly. If an advertiser is posting for business there, we will post-ban him or her. Some advertisers, on the other hand, buy their own forums, and they solely run and moderate it. We label the forum as being owned by the sponsor so you know the viewpoint of the board.

Our bans will probably be private, and will vary, like two days, five days, 10 days. Those are our plans for now, and may be altered as you go.

If you are banned you will get a message when you try to log in or post. We will try to explain why we banned you.

We are all adults here, and Jan, Darrel and I hope not to post-ban anybody. We want to continue this as a fun, informative place.

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