Conversation Between ajbrown and Tom Hannon

Conversation Between ajbrown and Tom Hannon
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  1. Tom Hannon
    01-24-2015 09:56 AM
    Tom Hannon
    Yes. AJ. The charger jumps when charging and it seems to shut off after a while. I am afraid to drive it too far as I feel i will not make it back. I have called a golf cart guy who Dee (Redwitch) highly recommends. Waiting for him to return my call. Afterwards Iwill check speed. A month ago the cart wnt 24 mph. I have a feeling it is going closer to 18 mph now.
    I will keep,you posted. Thanks for your two mesages. tommy
  2. ajbrown
    01-24-2015 09:18 AM
    Tom, message 2 of 2

    I tend to do my testing with a volt meter (not hydro) so I do not have to take covers off, etc. For example, take the cart out for a ride, drive it around for 20 mins+, as soon as you get home, take the voltage of each battery, looking for one that does not match. Years ago one of my packs the voltage was 8+, 8+, 8+, 8+, 8+, 6 (see a problem?)

    On my volt meter I also have alligator clips. A nice test is clip a voltmeter onto one battery. Put the go pedal to the floor and look at voltage drop to see how low it goes. See if one battery stands out as really different; it will be obvious.

    If this seems like too much, I would just call up Battery Boys and see what they charge you to check the pack.

    It is possible a pack only lasts two years based on maintenance, i.e., level of discharge on each use, during summer, water, etc, etc...

    Hope that help. Good luck.
  3. ajbrown
    01-24-2015 09:14 AM
    Hi Tom.

    I had to split this message into two as it was too many characters <lol>

    I still love reading TOTV, I do not mind the negativity, it is easy to ignore. I do not post much anymore because someone usually have already said what I think and typically say it better than I could write it anyway <grin>.

    I am just a guy that has learned about battery packs because I love electric carts. I am not a professional, so caveat you...if this was my cart...

    First question is does the charger come on? Does the needle move over to the right, does the charger stay on? Nothing else matters if the charger is not charging <grin>

    Next I would check the voltage of the pack after the pack is charged (charger has run for hours and shuts off, WAIT a few hours after charger shuts off). The pack should be over 50 up to 50.9.

    this is message 1 of 2
  4. Tom Hannon
    01-23-2015 09:56 AM
    Tom Hannon
    Hello A.J.

    The word around The Villages is "You are the man". Someone familiar with electric golf carts.

    This is the scenario

    Replaced 6 new batteries two years ago.
    Snowbird six months a year
    Always ran good until the past week
    I charged it and when taken by out for a spin, the neede buries itself in the red zone meter. Until recently, the needle only flirted with the red zone when climbing up a step hill

    Now the neede drops when I accelerate...even on fat ground.

    I am charging the cart as we speak using Dan Azzariti's (NadicDan's)charger, in the event the charger could be faulty.

    I tried different electrical outlets as well

    If Dan's charger doesn't correct the problem...what do I look for next. Could it be a bad cell in one of the batteries? Or could it be something more critical?

    Thanks, Tom Hannon. PS i am seldom on TOTV anymore because of all the negativity. It isn't like the old day when it was enjoyable and learning experience for everyone .
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