Conversation Between DangeloInspections and Jazzcat

Conversation Between DangeloInspections and Jazzcat
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  1. DangeloInspections
    10-06-2016 04:42 AM
    Dear Jazzcat, Are you buying a pre-owned or a new build? There is almost zero call for radon inspections here, so I no longer do them. Termites, (more accurately, a WDO Inspection) is handled differently contingent upon if you will have a mortgage, etc. Typically a WDO Inspection is a separate inspection, but sometimes it is combined with the "regular" inspection. Of course I do check for mold, but are you saying you want a separate mold analysis with sampling and lab work? Fees are contingent on the size of the home, etc. Typically a home inspection is in the $300 range. I choose not to be on The Villages "list" as I do over 400 inspections a year and get more business by NOT being on "the list". You have the legal right to use ANY inspector you like. I often need to turn down business due to being booked solid with warranty inspections in The Villages. Hope this helps! Congratulations on your plans....feel free to call or email with any further questions, etc. Frank D.
  2. Jazzcat
    10-05-2016 08:07 PM
    Frank, my husband and I are moving to TV from NY in November. Will be purchasing a home, and need a home inspector. Are you licensed to do mold, radon, termites, as well as general property inspection? If so, what is your fee and how readily available are you? Are you on the Villages "preferred" list of vendors?
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