Conversation Between mrdills and mak44070

Conversation Between mrdills and mak44070
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  1. mak44070
    11-06-2011 10:08 PM
    We built our home in Marblehead in 2001, and finally moved out there in 2008.
  2. mrdills
    11-06-2011 06:19 PM
    I vacationed off Bay shore road and my brother has a house up there now as well as a very good friend of mine. I had my boat at the Venetian Marina, just south of Ceder Point. How long have you been down here?
  3. mak44070
    10-24-2011 08:20 PM
    We raised our kids in North Olmsted. We built a home in Marblehead about 10 years ago - Off Bayshore road - near Kamp Kozy. Where was your boat??
  4. mrdills
    10-24-2011 03:43 PM
    I notice where you came from, I'm a Buckeye myself, I lived just south of Cleveland in Brunswick Ohio. I had a boat at Marblehead. I came down here in 1996 and just retired 5 years ago.
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