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04-22, 06:39 bagboy
All execs seem to be heavily booked today. Gray Fox did show one tee time available yesterday afternoon.
04-21, 21:36 Dmsmiller
Are Red Fox and Gray Fox closed Monday afternoon 4/22/19? No times show up In the online tee time booking system...
04-21, 19:21 angiden
villagetinker. Been using Firefox Since IE5 came out. I use an ad blocker, but TOV won't allow it. Sometime over the winter they made a change.
04-21, 09:30 pmbinnj
Anyone know of a carpet binding business in or near TV?
04-20, 08:45 villagetinker
angiden, I found the same using IE 11, now using Firefox, much faster.
04-19, 18:50 angiden
Talk of the Villages is not as good as it used to be. Adds slow everything. makes searching a Royal pain.
04-19, 18:19 ColdNoMore
To olliedog1950, posting on [04-11, 14:44]. Tiger's shirt is called a 'mock turtle-neck' and is even allowed at ALL courses here in TV.
04-19, 10:50 slamtennis
Check out the outdoor recliner I posted at a new price in the outdoor section!! Its brand new in the box and awesome.
04-17, 10:09
I need someone to pull weeds pull out bushes etc. in The Villages of Caroline.....does anyone recommend anyone?
04-14, 16:28 CWGUY
Just googled "Polo The Villages".... It's all there? Hope you got to go.
04-13, 22:12 eliseandbill
Considering attending a POLO match on
Sunday. Cannot find where to get tickets? Pricing? Details?
04-13, 18:12 Shyer
No problem with snowbirds. They bring lot $ to our area problem is North of 466 on Morse is a 2 lane road tons of traffic. Dangerious 4 golf carts!
04-13, 11:39 Lyle Gant
lyle gant
04-13, 11:34 Lyle Gant
lyle gant
04-13, 11:16 Thumper650
Anyone who's had hip replacement surgery at the Villages Regional Hospital and later requiring total hip revision surgery, please contact me.
04-12, 16:01 drstevens
A special thanks to whoever found my sunglasses at Pelican yesterday. You are much appreciated!
04-11, 13:44 olliedog1950
Tiger Woods is wearing a turtle neck shirt at the Masters! Wow, I was not allowed on the Sarasota driving range as I did not wear a collared shirt.
04-11, 08:05 bagboy
Contact us button at the bottom of this page.
04-11, 05:31 leux75
how do you contact the classified dept with a complaint
04-11, 05:29 leux75
i placed an ad in Feb and was not able to access it on this site so I am sure no one else could see it..????
04-10, 08:50 bagboy
Sumter Landing
04-10, 08:44 shermandog
where are the vendors Wednesday night
04-10, 08:10 csandel52
Has anyone ever used Groutsmith for tile cleaning and recoloring?
04-10, 07:57 andharnedy
Looking for recommendation for company that is reasonable and does a good job to put screen on front of house
04-09, 13:52 Icycler


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