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Closed Thread
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Old 01-30-2020, 08:51 PM
OrangeBlossomBaby OrangeBlossomBaby is online now
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Originally Posted by tophcfa View Post
Original Poster here, this is what I have learned after discussions with an Architectural Review Committee representative. Metal roofs on residential homes are few and far between in the Villages. The deed restrictions are very vague in all districts regarding metal roofs. In general, one does not need ARC approval to replace asphalt with asphalt, but one does need approval to replace asphalt with metal. One can not get an answer as simple as, yes, you can replace your roof with a metal roof. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis and some are approved and others are denied (a best guess is that about only half are accepted). Factors that will be considered and should be put into the application include the new roof being in line with the character with the existing neighborhood. That includes both the color and design of the metal roof. Roofs with a faux shingle look that are the same or similar color as surrounding roofs will have a much better chance than an off color roof with vertical seems. I was also told that a home in an older district, where the homes are already less homogeneous, would probably have a better chance of a metal roof not being considered out of character with the existing neighborhood. Also, anything included in the application that demonstrates that a metal roof would increase the homes energy efficiency would go a long way toward approval. This makes it very difficult for both homeowners, as well as roofing contractors, since it takes lots of research and time getting bids on roof replacement before the homeowner can make an educated decision and an application can be submitted, all without knowing if it will ultimately be approved.

I also contacted T&D to see if the solar blankets on the existing roof, for heating our pool, could be transferred to a metal roof. They told me they did not put solar on metal roofs. I suspect that if enough people had metal roofs they would do it, but they are so rare it is not worth their effort to learn this process and train their installers for something they will seldom do.

So it looks like I am going to cross out the idea of replacing our asphalt roof with metal. This kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth considering many of the non-residential buildings in the Villages, such as postal stations, Rec. Centers, and buildings rented for commercial use already have metal roofs. The developers are not stupid, they know that metal roofs are a more cost effective investment in the long run, but they don't put them on homes since it would increase the price of new homes and or cut into their profit margins. I don't blame them for putting asphalt on new homes, but if existing homeowners want to replace their roof with a better but more expensive roof, they should be able to. I certainly understand that it would not be right to allow homeowners to put on a bright orange or pink metal roof, but an acceptable color and design should be spelled out in the deed restrictions. Oh Well, Live and Learn I guess?
There are homes in the Historic section with metal roofs and solar panels. So maybe that one company doesn't do it, but it is absolutely do-able.

Remember, the Villages started out as a trailer park. ALL the homes in the Villages originally had metal roofs, because they were all single and double-wide trailers. Some of them still exist, and most of the rest of them were replaced with manufactured homes and modular homes - all of which came with metal roofs.
Old 01-30-2020, 10:09 PM
anothersteve's Avatar
anothersteve anothersteve is offline
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Originally Posted by OrangeBlossomBaby View Post
I did.

From The Villages In Florida – How It Became A Haven For Relocating Retirees | Southeast Discovery

and this:

And here you can find an aerial photograph of the original villages, Orange Blossom Gardens, taken in 1975. Every single home there has a metal roof.

Is The Villages Really Florida's Friendliest Home Town?
There's nothing about metal roofs only in any of those links, and that aeriel photo does nothing to prove your point.

This from one of those links;

"It started to develop in earnest in the 1980's when Schwartz brought in his son, H. Gary Morse, to run the operation."

My manufactured home has a metal roof, was hauled in in '85. Most of my neighbors have earlier models with asphalt shingles. My neighbor across the street just had his roof replaced, asphalt, original from '80 and first time reroof. Talk to your neighbors, that's if they were here originally. If it's a shingled roof, most likely it's original, as it's much harder and less cost efficient to shingle over a metal roof.
I'm not going to argue with you, you are wrong.
Old 01-31-2020, 02:05 AM
Back9 Back9 is offline
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Originally Posted by billethkid View Post
We have had metal roofs put on past homes. Most applications are to replace existing roofs which are over the same construction and insulation.
Sound inside the living space was/is no different.

On the screened porch where there was no insulation one will hear the pleasant/soothing sound of the rain.

To each his own.
i.e. "Listen to the rhythm of the faaaaling rain...."
Old 01-31-2020, 09:28 AM
jebartle's Avatar
jebartle jebartle is offline
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Or tile in Spanish springs, some have been replaced because of faulty installation, our home has tile, only maintenance is cleaning, roof is 21 years old, and my understanding, will last forever. Also south Florida homes have many tile roofs.
Old 01-31-2020, 05:13 PM
asianthree's Avatar
asianthree asianthree is offline
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Originally Posted by jebartle View Post
Or tile in Spanish springs, some have been replaced because of faulty installation, our home has tile, only maintenance is cleaning, roof is 21 years old, and my understanding, will last forever. Also south Florida homes have many tile roofs.
I love the tile roofs in SS. Make it so unique. We have looked at a couple homes there, but the upstairs is a killer for us
Do not worry about things you can not change
Old 01-31-2020, 10:30 PM
Double Eagle Double Eagle is offline
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I don't know about the regulations in TV but if I had a choice I would have nothing but a metal roof. In fact, the one on my current home was installed in 1861 (that's right, the year the civil war began).

The newer metal roofs, which I have installed on my outbuildings (garage etc.) have the color already in the metal. We installed metal roofing on my mother's house 20 years ago and it is still like the day it was installed.

As far as cell phone service, it has never been a problem. And, I love the sound when it rains.

Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps.
Old 04-24-2020, 10:02 AM
MandoMan MandoMan is offline
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In the past 34 years, I’ve lived in three houses with steel roofs, and I love them. My home in The Villages has a new architectural shingle roof, so I won’t have a metal roof in Florida, I’m afraid. Bu I recommend them Definitely! However, use white! Studies show that white roofs reflect the most sunlight, and when sunlight hits roofs, it turns into heat, so more reflected light means a cooler roof. A white steel roof is still very hot indeed, but way cooler than, say, dark grey. One possibility sometimes used is to remove the old shingles, attach an inch of foil-faced insulation to the plywood, screw 1x4 wood horizontally through the insulation and into the roof trusses, then screw the white metal roofing on. Makes for a strong roof that can handle winds and cool your attic a lot, which cuts heating bills a lot. I wouldn’t use the metal fake shingles. If you want a shingle look, use shingles.
Old 04-24-2020, 10:20 AM
davem4616 davem4616 is offline
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Originally Posted by champion6 View Post
Regarding whether they are allowed -- better call or visit ARC for the answer as it applies to YOUR home. Below is an article from the online news site.

ARC member makes case for metal roofs on homes in The Villages
By Meta Minton - November 9, 2018

An Architectural Review Committee member is making the case for metal roofs on homes in The Villages.

Cary Sternberg, who said he was speaking as a Villages resident and not necessarily as a member of the ARC, addressed the topic Friday afternoon before the Community Development District 4 Board of Supervisors.

Sternberg, who lives in CDD 4, said metal roofs can act as a solar device, keeping homes cooler and cutting down on the need for electricity.

“The IRS recognizes it as a tax credit for energy efficiency,” Sternberg said.

He predicted that the Developer will likely start putting metal roofs on new homes. “Any time the Developer does something, people see it and want to do it, too,” Sternberg said.

Deborah Tripp, of the Village of Chatham put a metal roof on her home at 17384 SE 72nd Deer Run Avenue. Now she’s fighting to keep her metal roof after a complaint was lodged with Community Standards. Metal roofs are not currently permitted.

Her case had been going on since June.

CDD 4 took no action on metal roofs, but the topic is likely to show up on a future agenda.
They do look nice, and the rec centers and mail box sheds do have them....

couple of thoughts to consider:

check out the IRS allowed energy tax credit...I believe that it has a $500 lifetime limit

Also, unless you're in your 50's and plan to stay in this house forever...give a realtor a call to see how much additional value a metal roof has in a resale that might help you figure out how much of the added cost of a metal roof you might potentially recover when you ultimately sell

bottom line is if you like the look, it is allowed and you want to spend the coin, do it

heck if it's too noisy during storms you can buy a 'white sound' machine for the bedroom
Old 04-24-2020, 10:50 AM
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karostay karostay is offline
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Originally Posted by Chatbrat View Post
Metal roofs also, impact cell phone reception, have a buddy in Fruitland Pk, his phone reception is very spotty
My home up north has a metal roof as well as my detached garage
I have 0 issues with cell service
My only concern here is intense sun fading the roof
Don't take life Too Serious ..It isn't permanent
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