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Old 12-18-2017, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Don Baldwin View Post
As the demographics goes...so goes the "values".

As we FILL with 3rd worlders...our "values" become 3rd world with them. Our values are replaced with the new majorities values.

Originally Posted by Guest
Sad but 100% true.
Originally Posted by Guest
Not even close to true.

I suggest you do some research on things before speaking from high up on your platform.


You folks really truely believe you are better than anyone. Hear your group defame progressives, democrats, non whites, immigrants (both legal and illegal), and even any Republican that does not bow down to Trump.

You have quite a narrow band of people who really feel above all the rest of the world, yet have trouble with any serious conversation or keeping it clean and above board.
It's 100% true rocky...DO some RESEARCH...don't just READ about it.

What IS research? It's GOING to MLK Blvd in several cities. It's GOING into 90% black schools. To SEE what is REALLY going on. The SEE the character. SEE how they act. SEE what a waste it is trying to educate them. We're throwing money out the window TRYING to educate them. They don't learn. Did you have any negros in your classes growing up? I did...they were "just there"...never participated, never asked or answered questions...always seemed to get Fs but passed anyway. Same thing in business...they were always...just there...never the "go-to" person, the one who "knew it all".

FIND me true equality rocky...find me a black villages, find me a black Oxford, FIND ME a black Newton or Einstein. Find me a black that is the top in ANYTHING besides a few sports. SPORTS is what they're built for...NOT managing a business or a country.

There are NO nice, peaceful, quiet, safe, wealthy, law abiding, 90% black with a population of 150,000 places...not ONE on the entire planet.

There are PLENTY of WHITE communities that meet those standards...less and less meet the "no minority" criteria because of federal neighborhood busting.

How long before they start complaining that the villages to too big and TOO WHITE?

You're an ignorant fool rocky.

GO TO MLK Blvd! SEE the 99%. It ain't pretty. It ain't what you think it is.


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