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Closed Thread
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Old 07-09-2018, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Rsenholzi View Post
Yes and that is exactly what happened . Play slowed not speeded up as they teed the ball, lined themselves up hit the ball 10 feet and started it all over again. This is a game with rules regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro . You wouldn’t walk onto a pickle ball court or tennis court and catch the ball each time it came over the net and then serve it from where you are standing now because you couldnt make the return shot , would you? You wouldn’t get out of the pool during a swim race and dive back in during just because it would get you farther? This is a game with rules like every other sport and should be taught by instructors the correct way of playing . That is the point of this blog. Instructors should not be teaching wrong techniques and then send people out with the impression that this is the correct way to play and they should not “dumb” down a sport because a person is new to the game. I’d bet they aren’t teaching the men to play this way. They would be laughed right off the course. Why do it to a woman? These are instructors and as a teacher , I really resent instructors that aren’t teaching proper techniques to do something. I feel sorry for the beginners who are paying to be taught the improper way to do something . That is totally wrong and should be addressed and brought out in the open.
Allow me to offer a few of my own personal observations/opinions on your two posts...regarding this subject.

Unless you are one of those extremely rare players here (<0.1%?) who; NEVER plays a breakfast ball on occasion, plays the ball down at ALL times, ALWAYS putts every ball out (unless in match play), posts EVERY score, spends no more than the allotted time looking for a ball, etc., etc., etc. and follows to the letter EVERY USGA rule and its staggering NUMEROUS decisions (have you even read them?)...I think your main gripe is about beginners (particularly women?) in general.

If a player is only hitting the ball "10 feet" (a little exaggeration maybe?) after teeing it up in the fairway, be assured it would be worse for them...without the tee.

Since The Villages has a large number of beginner golfers, taking the game up after they retire, you're going to give yourself apoplexy...if you don't learn to relax and just enjoy being on the course.

And yes, there are those that would do themselves and others a favor to stay on executive courses until such time as they are ready for the regulation (sorry, I can't bring myself to call them 'championship' courses)...but they still have the right to play them.

One way you can ensure that you're never bothered (at least for the first nine holes, until you catch the 'wave') to sign up for the first tee time on the days you play.

Other than that, I think your enjoyment would rise significantly if you just take deep breaths, recognize that there's no extra strokes deducted for a fast round...and try to remember back to when you first started.

I'm guessing there were more than a few who followed you back then...that were complaining about how slow you played.
Standing up for the underdog and against bullies...every chance I get.
Old 07-09-2018, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Rsenholzi View Post
What is wrong with the pros that are teaching women to play in the villages? I played with beginners this past week and they were teeing the ball up in the middle of the fairway. When I asked what they were doing they told me their instructor told them if it made the game more fun and was easier they should do it. I thought they made a mistake in what they said but spoke to another person who told them their instructor told them the same thing. Come on, be real instructors out there. Teach women to play by the rules , not what feels good. It is embarrassing to be treated to different rules because it “feels good”. They will never learn this way and it holds up the game! Women are capable of playing the right way!
A great big "Thank You" to all the instructors that tell beginners that the need not follow all the rules as they see on TV. Tee it in the fairway. Throw it out of the sand. Kick it out of the long grass. drop out of the hazard closer to the hole of you like. Bump the ball to make a good lie. Pick up after double-bogie. All great stuff.
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