Dashcam video I took on Friday driving on Buena Vista

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Closed Thread
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Old 04-25-2015, 01:49 PM
dplars dplars is offline
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JohnW, bought a dash cam similar to yours, having trouble maintaining power to it, don't know if its me or the cam. Could I get you to look at it. I live in Santo Domingo and will meet you at your convince Dave 259 0648
Old 04-25-2015, 11:12 PM
John_W John_W is offline
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Originally Posted by Hummintwo View Post
Hey John, Love the video - too short. I beg to ask, why you were in the left lane wizzing by at speeds that exceeded 35 mph. Let me give you the benefit of a little court room observations (I was a Bailiff). When you think you have seen and heard it all; you haven't. Typically, when a defendant pleads not guilty, the Officer that wrote the ticket receives a subpena to provide video where possible, written notes, and sworn under oath statements. Most often left lane drivers receive the most citations for speeding, following too closely, failure to provide lane change signaling.

This does not exempt the right lane drivers. The right lane drivers may decide to exceed the speed limit because they yield the road to no man and refuse to allow a left lane (passing lane) driver to merge back into thru traffic. Speeding tickets for right lane greed won't impress a judge. Most of the time, the judge will show some mercy for first time offenders just because they needed to have their day in court. This is not network TV. It is reality with laws that are consistent for all but not viewed that way by the masses. Okay, Okay. enough said. Go safely and stay out of the left lane unless you are passing slower than speed limit traffic or making a left turn and don't forget to use turn signal (check to see if they are even functioning).
Thanks for the heads up. I don't want to sound like a smart alec, but I got my driver's license in St. Petersburg (the place Johnny Carson called 'the town walking dead') in 1965 and have never had an accident in almost 49 years. I did lay a motorcycle down in 1975 in Largo, Florida but no serious injury on my part (I had on shorts and a t-shirt, so road burns on both legs and arms did put me out of commission for a while).

I admit, I do have a lead foot, but my last ticket was in 1988 and that was in Georgia, which is a place that is hard for anyone to avoid getting a ticket. I wasn't just passing through but lived there for 7 years.

Turn signals are also my biggest pet peeve. I don't make a turn without putting on my turn signal at least 100' before changing to the turn lane. I laugh at people everyday that put on their turn signal after they've entered the turn lane. It's to signal to other drivers your intentions, not to tell us what we already know. The road is full of people who have a serious lack of driving skill or knowledge of the road, but we already know that.

JohnW, bought a dash cam similar to yours, having trouble maintaining power to it, don't know if its me or the cam. Could I get you to look at it. I live in Santo Domingo and will meet you at your convince Dave 259 0648
I really don't know what to tell you. My car is a 2013 and has no lighter, I have two 12v accessory sockets on the center console. I ran wires from my GPS and my dashcam to the sockets. When the car engine turns on, both gadgets turn on themselves, when I turn off the engine they both shut off. Check your connections at the camera and the socket. I don't have any other clue to what can be the problem other than a defective camera.
Old 04-26-2015, 09:59 AM
kevmo kevmo is offline
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Thanks for sharing the video John. What strikes me is that the video is a great testament for the value of roundabouts. With 100% of the 2 cars ahead of you screwing up as they entered the roundabout, no one got hurt! Roundabouts force all cars to move at such slow speeds that you will never have the tragic result of being broadsided by someone running a red light or stop sign.

Can I have an Amen for Roundabouts?!
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