Suggestion: TV Daily Sun Newspaper Should Be Distributed Free During the COVID-19 Pan

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Closed Thread
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Old 03-31-2020, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Aloha1 View Post
Wow, what a bunch of angry negative BS. The OP was simply making a suggestion and you jump all over them as if only you are correct. On one hand you say why take away money for the employees then on the other hand you spew hatred for the VDS. Enough already. This thread should be closed.
I don't think the people who are saying why take away money for the employees are the same ones who are spewing hatred for the VDS.
It's harder to hate close up.
Old 03-31-2020, 09:43 AM
DonnaNi4os DonnaNi4os is offline
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I don’t believe the paper has anything to add that isn’t shown on television all day long. Businesses are being seriously hurt by this virus and still have costs to incur. Your logic just doesn’t make sense to me.
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Originally Posted by graciegirl View Post
It is a for profit business. The sort of thing a solid economy is based on. Why do you think it should be free? People hold jobs there. Real people. And the developer isn't our mom.
Thank you for that reply. What do.people think when they make such comments. Obviously they were not thinking about the workers or the delivery person. Those of us living in the villages have a monthly income. Put people out of work their income goes away. . Will you help pay their bills. Think before you make such statements
Old 03-31-2020, 09:51 AM is offline
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Thank you for making sense to those who are still thinking they are entitled. Thank God you have a roof over your head. Food on the table. Clothes to wear. Free newspaper ...really. Don't want to sunscribe? Your choice. Have a television. Put on the news they will give you all the news you want about this pandemic. Stay safe. Keep praying.
Old 03-31-2020, 09:54 AM
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When the Daily Sun is brought up, then we get some "underlying opinions" based on other philosophies and influences. Me and my household will continue to want the Daily Sun delivered. Because we agree with the underlying opinions espoused on certain pages of opinion.

Everyone picks up their mail don't they? Who knows where those hands have been....and those who pick up pizza and take out.

We are all tense and tired and bored and the house is beginning to look really lived in and our hair is growing down our neck and our kids are in another part of the world and this could go on for months and we are all depressed and grumpy. And we have to cut back on the chocolate and booze or we will destroy our own health...…..

Hugs to all. By damn we will get through this. I hope.
It is better to laugh than to cry.
Old 03-31-2020, 09:59 AM
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Does anyone know how many calories one burns arguing over a hypothetical with zero chance of occurrence?
What am I supposed to call my Plantation Shutters now?
Old 03-31-2020, 10:26 AM
mjpuleo mjpuleo is offline
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ridiculous to even suggest that.
Old 03-31-2020, 10:32 AM
OhioBuckeye OhioBuckeye is offline
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Default Ohiobuckeye

Originally Posted by AnthonyW View Post
The Villages Daily Sun (TVDS) newspaper should consider delivering it to every household in The Villages FOR FREE during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Alternatively, TVDS could at least consider putting the entire daily edition online and make it available to all residents for free during this pandemic.

There are many people in our community that do not subscribe to TVDS for various reasons. Thus, they are missing out on critical public health information. This endangers all the community. Thus, the powers-that-be at TVDS could provide a public service by providing online and/or physically delivered newspapers during the pandemic.

P.S. I am a paid TVDS subscriber.
That’s very nice, here around Dallas/Ft. Worth TX. it still costing us (not me) $300.+ a yr. to get delivery 5 days a week, $500.+ for 7 days a week. I’m sure this is subsidized by the govt. but it still nice that TV is doing this. They’re to fricking cheap down here to do a nice thing like this.
Old 03-31-2020, 10:36 AM
UpNorth UpNorth is offline
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I'm glad to be a subscriber. Comes in handy when the stores run out of toilet paper.

But it's getting thinner every day....
Old 03-31-2020, 10:41 AM
queasy27 queasy27 is offline
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While I don't agree with the OP's sentiment with regard to The Sun, many corporations, public utilities, etc. are making financial concessions to try to ease the burden on their customers and some are also giving directly to the community. Entertainment services, for example, are providing free access to some of their content, so I can see where the OP is coming from.

Posters here should be able to disagree without being overly dismissive, harsh, or rude.
Old 03-31-2020, 11:24 AM
EdFNJ EdFNJ is offline
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Originally Posted by graciegirl View Post
It is a for profit business. The sort of thing a solid economy is based on. Why do you think it should be free? People hold jobs there. Real people. And the developer isn't our mom.
Not that it has any value (except for maybe slicing it into 4" strips for other possible emergency uses) I agree, it's a for profit business, but that being said MANY businesses are SACRIFICING profits for others for a limited time but that paper really lacks ANY UPDATED and CURRENT valuable information as it is always a day+ behind in the "news" it prints.
Closed Thread

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