Another Rancher Killed By Illegal

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Old 06-12-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Tbugs View Post
JimJoe, in your pathetic attempt at sarcasm, you have actually said a mouthfull.

Show me an Iowan who is willing to work for $7.35 an hour at a poultry processing plant. There are not any. However, show me Iowans who manufacture meth and then sell it - and use it - and there will be plenty of examples.

How many of those Iowans manufacturing and using meth are receiving Social Security benefits for disability; how many are receiving Section 8 housing; how many are receiving food stamps? Just about all of them.

Think twice about not needing foreign workers. This is not the Iowa of your generation.

Tbug. First I define illegal as any noncitizen crossing the border illegally vis a vis visitng work visa. Having said that perhaps an iowan would not have to work for $7.35 per hour if illegals because they are illegals are taking these jobs. Perhaps if these employers were hiring legal residents houry wages would rise based on the economic principle fo supply and demand. succintly illegal and hence employers hiring them are intentional keeping a downward pressure on these jobs and many others
Old 06-12-2011, 09:03 PM
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You may be right about that post. If there were no undocumented workers, the local workers may take the jobs - but maybe not - and the the meatpacking plants and poultry packing plants would have to close. Maybe the packing plants would have to pay more than $7.35 per hour - and the product (pork, beef, chicken) would dramatically rise for consumers, too. Do you want to pay $12 per pound for pork, beef or chicken?

As I did state, though, the unemployed of Iowa are now collecting unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, Medicaid benefits, and also manufacturing, selling, and using meth like it is their biggest money maker.

However, the undocumented workers ARE there - probably with fake ID - and they are going to stay.

People can rail about it all they want but the problem is going to remain no matter who is President.

The Iowa town of Postville is a prime example of what can happen with this problem. It was the home of the largest Kosher meatpacking plant in the US. Illegal Hispanics were given fake ID's and hired. The plant and the town did wonderful business. Immigration Svc (ICE) raided the plant, rounded up 450 illegals, deported them, closed the plant, threw the owner in prison, and now Postville has dried up completely and poverty is once again the norm. Postville is now back to living on government subsidies.

Draw whatever conclusion you want. I have no dog in this fight.

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