Mental "Reservations" About TV? If you had any, how'd they work out?

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Closed Thread
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Old 03-03-2020, 09:31 AM
ApplePir2 ApplePir2 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Atlantic Beach, NY. Jupiter, FL
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We had a similar experience to yours. We initially bought in The Villages because my parents loved living there but after a couple of months we felt that it just wasn’t for us. We were around 60 at the time. We met a few very nice people but most seemed part of established cliques. Most restaurants were mediocre, winter was cooler than we had expected and it took almost 2 hours to drive to a gulf or ocean beach. On the other hand the golf was easily accessible and time spent with my parents was priceless. We have since moved to Jupiter, can walk to beach and are very happy there. I would rent in various areas of Florida before buying. The Villages is a beautifully planned community with many options for an active lifestyle. It’s just not for everyone.
Tony and Cathy
Oceanside, NY
Jupiter, Florida
Old 03-03-2020, 10:24 AM
RedBoneJones RedBoneJones is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2020
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Smile Workout needed!

Originally Posted by Choro&Swing View Post
One thing that puzzles me is why there aren’t more recreation centers with weight machines, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc. Another thing that puzzles me is why access to these in the four recreation centers that have them costs the equivalent of a dollar a day, use it or not. The many beautiful executive golf courses are covered by the amenity fee, even though they are very expensive to maintain, and even though the majority of people don’t use them. I’d like to see the above fitness equipment in every recreation center, and covered by the amenity fee. Charge for using the exercise classes at the four recreation centers that offer them, just as there is a substantial charge for using the full-size golf courses. A few minutes of exercise with weight machines helps people maintain muscle mass and joint strength in a way that merely walking or playing golf does not. How many people who would benefit from it don’t do it because they don’t want to pay $365 or more a year when they wouldn’t be using any exercise classes or yoga?
Totally, totally agree!
Old 03-03-2020, 10:30 AM
ColdNoMore ColdNoMore is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: Between 466 & 466A
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Our "mental" reservations, turned into "physical" reservations (rented 3 times) starting in 2009...before buying in 2012.

While IMHO, it's far from 'perfect' here...I'm still a 'FROG.'
Old 03-03-2020, 10:48 AM
B767drvr B767drvr is offline
Veteran member
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Originally Posted by mykvalentin View Post
My wife & I are in our mid-50s and are somewhat a snowbird. No kids (that I know of). We can’t wait to permanently move down here to The Villages in a couple of years, OR sooner!! If your fear in retirement is boredom, then read the book called “The Joy Of Not Working” by Ernie J. Zelinksi. It’s a mind opening, Aha moment for me. Good luck.. -myk
Many thanks for the book recommendation! I'll check it out.
Old 03-03-2020, 10:50 AM
B767drvr B767drvr is offline
Veteran member
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 599
Thanks: 189
Thanked 241 Times in 58 Posts

Originally Posted by graciegirl View Post
More than a dozen years ago when we first looked at The Villages, we were very skeptical. It was too good to be true, too polished, too well run, too nice, who was behind all this??? Something is wrong. Who is making money on all these people???

Well. There wasn't anything wrong, it is well run, it isn't too good to be true. I came on this forum and asked if anyone really KNEW the people who built this place, what was the catch??? No catch. Wonderful place. So very glad we decided to buy here and then sell and buy another house we liked even better, except for we had to leave the people who we really liked in that neighborhood. But here we are liking people in this neighborhood. I hear this so much. Be assured this is a wonderful place. P.S. I still haven't met the builder(s). AND I am not a realtor or an agent. I don't LIKE people who sell houses. You won't be pressured here and it IS all that and a bag of chips.
Thanks Gracie! You're ALWAYS so positive!! Love it....
Old 03-03-2020, 10:53 AM
B767drvr B767drvr is offline
Veteran member
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 599
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Thanked 241 Times in 58 Posts

Thanks for all the replies everyone. There's definitely a lot to consider approaching retirement.
Old 03-03-2020, 11:18 AM
PugMom's Avatar
PugMom PugMom is offline
Gold member
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Originally Posted by Nucky View Post
Is it O.K. with you if I use your line? That saying just about wrap's up 90% of the concerns that most people have.
i know~! excellent post...OMG, I'd be miserable if i woke up like that every day.
Old 03-03-2020, 12:32 PM
vintageogauge vintageogauge is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: village of Fenney, Ford City, Pa., and Hudson, Ohio
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Originally Posted by asianthree View Post
One is retired and loves it here. I have a different perspective, yes there are many things to do here. Yet after 5 or 6 weeks, I am climbing the walls. I miss my high energy, stressful job. I am an adrenaline junky.

I work 4 months, call is involved, so can work 50 to 60 hours a week. Then I take off a month to 6 weeks to decompress here. The slow pace here really take a toll on me toward the end. I have been known to take 5 or 6 hours of classes at the gym, every day. . Then I Travel back north to snow that I love, and my job.

It’s not about money, it’s the adrenaline rush I live for.

For me I really have the best of both worlds. Maybe in a few years I will outgrow the need for speed, but for now I am not ready to just stop being in what I call the adult world.
If it's not about money, maybe in a few years you can volunteer down here full time, God knows it is needed in this area.
Old 03-03-2020, 02:50 PM
Dean62 Dean62 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2018
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Although we have not moved there yet, we will close on a house at the end of this month. I just wanted to share my input on this and how my wife and I decided we were going to move there. One thing you will find is lots of opinions both pro and con on just about any topic. We started looking at The Villages about 2 years ago and visited twice on Lifestyle visits. I also used resources such as this forum and some YouTubers (Skip Smith and The Villages Newcomers are good resources) to get input on what it is like living there. The key to all this information is to filter it out for you. What one person may list as a major complaint may not be a big deal to you and vice versa. Based on our experience there and getting other people's input I made a spreadsheet of pros and cons with a weighting factor for each item based on how important it was to us. When we looked at everything, the pros far outweighed the cons and we are hopeful we will be very happy there. I think the other thing to keep in mind is that no place is perfect and if you are expecting that you will be disappointed. Make sure this is the place you want to be, focus on all the positives and don't dwell on the negatives.
Old 03-03-2020, 03:07 PM
John_W John_W is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
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I grew up in St. Petersburg until the age of 27 (minus 3 years in the Army), and I also lived in the coastal city of Pensacola for 6 years, Savannah, Georgia for 8 years, Spring Hill, Florida for one year. However, prior to moving to TV, I spent the last 22 years in Baltimore.

I knew when I wanted to retire at age 60, nine years ago, it would be back in Florida, the warm weather was calling. I had some experience with a retirement community. My parents who worked all their life in St. Petersburg retired to Spring Hill, Florida, about 60 miles southwest of here near Weeki Wachee Springs. They lived in a community built by US Homes called Timber Pines started in 1983 and build out ended around 2000. It finished with 5,300 residents on 2.3 Square Miles, with 3 golf courses. It's completely walled with two gates and is not open to the public.

My parents lived in Timber Pines from 1983 until 1998, about 15 years. I visited them quite a few times and even lived in Spring Hill all of 1989 and sold real estate in Hernando County. So I had a good idea of a retirement community and how it should operate.

In 2003 I saw a 30 minute infomercial on the Golf Channel and got the VHS video and packet on The Villages. Finally in April 2011 we took a 7 day lifestyle visit and lived in a cottage at Lake Sumter that week. We enjoyed everyday, I played two rounds of golf, our salesman Tony Trussler showed us every style and model home we requested to see.

I had been thinking of Pensacola all these years, but after seeing what I did in 2011, it became obvious. We moved here fulltime in July 2011 and have never regretted anything.
Old 03-03-2020, 03:17 PM
coffeebean coffeebean is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Village of Mallory Square
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Originally Posted by B767drvr View Post
..... MY personal retirement FEAR is boredom, and not living a full, active life in retirement. .......
The Villages is like a cruise ship on land......only on steroids. You will NEVER be bored! You can kick back and relax if you like also.....just like on a cruise ship.
I've had both vaccine shots!
Old 03-03-2020, 06:10 PM
Barborv Barborv is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: New york
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About 8-9 years ago , 1 of the women at work bought a home at Sun city Hilton Head. She was still going to be working for 3-4 more years. She said they are renting it till she retires. Telling me what a great investment it was. Soooo...that put the thought in my head. My husband and I took 2 weeks in the summer and drove from NY to Sun city Hilton head(visited with my past coworker who was now retired)and by the way, she moved from there and went somewhere else,. and then Florida and visited communities that I researched on 55 and also from an ideal living showcase . We went to quite a few Del Webb communities, etc. After about 2 or 3 communities, I started telling the realtors, show me the life style first,and then I'll chose a house that I like. The next summer we drove again hitting a lot of communities on the East coast, crossing over to the West Coast and making our way up. We visited Solivita,other Dell Webbs, Sun City by Tampa, etc. I must of visited over 30+ communities. Did the stay and play at some.Before our last stop to the Villages before heading home we looked at On top of the World . I thought I liked their version of their tiny town square. But I was looking for more. Solivita was nice(still no comparison to TV)but didn't know TV yet. Our last stop was The Villages. Had a realtor take us around showing us all the amenities the town squares (only two at tht time)and the life style.I was in ore! THEN, showed me some possibilities for purchase. Our biggest concern at the time was if we would be able to rent it for the next 7 or 8 years till we retire. She was so positive and non pushy, and even told us to think about it and next time come back for another visit. Well, we thought about it that night staying at the Marriot in Spanish Springs, and there was an excitement in us about the community and I knew this is the place! With that being said, not only did I find a long term tenant who is still there today but we wound up purchasing another a few years later for investment. Over the years I come down to TV bringing family and friends and having a blast. I go to a lot of the clubs, restaurants and shows galore. Of course I'm on a mini vacation when I come. We are in the process of buying my home now that we will leave in when we retire in 2-3 years when we are 62 and 63. I keep counting the days!! There is no where else I rather spend my retirement. I have friends who say, but what about the grandkids, blah,blah, blah. (don't get me wrong. All my children and grandchildren are my world)! But they can come visit and have a blast here. Already thinking about what activities I want to do with the grandchildren at the villages camp, etc. Some of these other communities I visited, I think I would shoot myself if I lived there. Some of the older ones even felt like nursing homes. I love the idea that you still feel like you're in a community where you have the young and old all around you. I know some of my friends say, there is so much to do where I live (Long Island, NY). Yes there is .but not to much of a desire . Everything is so , how should I put it, YUCKY! I love the ambiance and feel and beauty of the Villages. Its just so calming and beautiful. I know some people say about rude people etc, but That's everywhere. I work in a great school with mostly great people who are like family. And of course there are a few ****heads!LOL You have to feel sorry for these people because they are so miserable inside that they
don't or can't be happy or pleasant.
Well, that's my take on this! And as I always say, Everyday in the Villages is like a vacation Day!!!
Enjoy life everyone, and cherish yourself and all the positive people in your life too.
Old 03-03-2020, 07:05 PM
asianthree's Avatar
asianthree asianthree is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pennacamp, Fernandinia 2 Frogs
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Originally Posted by vintageogauge View Post
If it's not about money, maybe in a few years you can volunteer down here full time, God knows it is needed in this area.
When I am done I am done, no volunteering. We were approached by neighbors when it was found out we were medical, and expected we would want to be on the defib team. We both smiled said no, when you have been on call for your entire adult life, it’s time for someone else to be awakened at 3am
Do not worry about things you can not change
Old 03-03-2020, 07:24 PM
Dennys37Packard's Avatar
Dennys37Packard Dennys37Packard is offline
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Snow birds for 4 years, permanent now for 6 months. Wish we came sooner. Neighbors are wonderful, so much to do or not do. With as many people that are here, Jan. Thru March, you are bound to see a few rude people but I don’t give them a second thought. I won’t let them ruin my day. I let them cut in, double park, or whatever, because in a few seconds we will part ways and they can move on with their hollow lives. Life is too short. I am not a gourmet chef, so there are plenty of places we like to eat at, some we will pass on, but again, if my napkin isn’t remolded when I come back from the bathroom, it’s not the end of the world. 😜. So love this place.
Old 03-03-2020, 09:45 PM
chrisinva's Avatar
chrisinva chrisinva is offline
Senior Member
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In the beginning, Florida was in our “NO WAY” list - too hot, too humid, too many bugs, too far from family, and - OMG it’s ‘the south’.

We had done extensive research in VA (to be near the kids & grandkids) visiting at least 5 different retirement communities that promised “activities” yet had no one was swimming, no one was in the rec centers, no one was playing billiards, etc. Also did some research in NC with same results. We finally visited The Villages (strange name) just to be sure the hype was as false as the hype in VA & NC.

Initially we were impressed with well-kept landscaping, the town squares, the pools (I’m a lap swimmer). We visited a 2nd time in August to check out the weather – surprisingly tolerable and enjoyed the pool, read about the clubs, & were impressed by all the golf opportunities although we had never golfed & we ran into TONS of friendly, happy, social people.

No place had the options, the services, the opportunities that TV did. In Dec 2018 we bought the kool-aid. ASOLUTELY NO REGRETS. Not everything is perfect – we’re in DeSoto & planned connectivity hasn’t materialized, local grocery store isn’t here yet, medical options less than hoped for, etc. BUT we have great neighbors, tremendous options for activities, have taken golf lessons, tried to learn bridge (& failed), bought bikes & enjoyed many rides, learned pickleball & play twice a week (some folks play 5 days a week it’s so addictive!), swim my laps, hubby is now involved with genealogy, we enjoy terrific sunsets and clear night skies for star gazing, no inside bugs, humidity actually feels good on my aging skin, etc. Life has never been better.
Closed Thread

mental, retirement, reservations, life, perspective

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