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  1. Religion is very personal. These forums are about your church.
  2. Fairway Christian Church Web Site and Info
  3. A big Welcome to All Churches
  4. Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist
  5. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County
  6. www.stgeorge-episcopal.net
  7. Unity Church of Leesburg
  9. Open Bible Lutheran Church at The Villages
  10. Spirit Life Church
  11. Assembly of God of Lady Lake
  12. New Covenant United Methodist Church
  13. Church on the Square Sunday speakers?
  14. Baptist or other that still teaches from King James Version 1611
  15. Daily Devotional from The Villages
  16. The Congregational Church of The Villages
  17. St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
  18. What religions are people in the Villages?
  19. Blessing of the Animals Day
  20. Sunday school student bloopers.
  21. For Villages Christians--When are you setting up your Christmas tree?
  22. How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?
  23. Best Irish Joke
  24. Golf cart accessible churches
  25. New to a community? Selecting a church.
  26. When do you take your Christmas decorations down?
  27. St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
  28. A Question for Catholics
  29. Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
  31. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County
  32. Any Torah observant messianic believers?
  33. Spanish Springs church bldg
  34. Thanks for info!
  35. Churchs and Card rooms
  36. churches
  37. You're invited to try our church
  38. Searching for Old Fashioned Music and Sermons
  39. Today is Diwali Day
  40. On The Ground Floor
  41. Church on The Square...
  42. Quakers who would like to meet in TV
  43. Link to Churchs in and near The Villages
  44. Unity Church
  45. A Great Way To Get Connected
  46. THE BIBLE ON ONE PAGE (amazing site)
  47. Southern Baptist Church?
  48. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church - Fruitland Park
  49. Is there a synagogue in the villages?
  50. Women's Bible Study
  51. Question?
  52. Free Computer to Needy Organization
  53. Exchange paster from N England/New Covenant Meth Church
  54. Tri-County Interfaith Group Sponsoring program on Islam
  55. Is there a Catholic church in TV
  56. Youth benefit spaghetti dinner
  57. Looking for LCMS church in the area
  58. St. Albans Anglican Church in Lady Lake
  59. Tridentine Mass
  60. Central Church of Christ, Ocala
  61. St. Mark's Catholic church
  62. The Height of IGNORANCE
  63. Friendliest church we've ever been to...
  64. I have a question about St. Mark's.
  65. Fairway Christian Church
  66. Thanksgiving Services?
  67. First Village Christmas
  68. Is there a small(ish) Catholic Church nearby TV?
  69. Holy Cross Lutheran Church at The Villages
  70. St.Mark: Decline In Members
  71. church recommendation
  72. Presbyterian Church
  73. The Last Supper - Easter Drama
  74. Warren kiefer
  75. Computer Needed
  76. New Covenant United Methodist Church
  77. Knights of Columbus
  78. Traditional Southern Baptist Church to be planted in Villages
  79. Village of Grace Baptist Church
  80. Community United Methodist Church
  81. TV Church Choir Shout-Outs
  82. Looking for a moderate/liberal church
  83. Easter sunday service
  84. St. Timothy's Opportunities to serve others
  85. Palm Sunday
  86. Buddhist Temple
  87. Pentecost Sunday
  88. North Lake Presbytarian Church COOKBOOK
  89. Torn between churches
  90. Methodists?
  91. New Covenant Methodist Church--New Website
  92. Any Mormons on TOTV who are willing to talk about their religion?
  93. Immanuel Baptist Church
  94. Charismatic and Spirit Filled opportunities
  95. Grace Chapel Is a Great New Church
  96. Prayer group non denominational starting in my home
  97. Music Ministry for a 60's child
  98. Community Church Services
  99. Place of worship
  100. New to the Villages
  101. Dan Schutte
  102. Open circle Metropolitan Community Church
  103. New Yorkers, your Cardinal Dolan sounds like a great guy!
  104. So Friendly of a Church.
  105. what time are services at church on the square
  106. Evangelical Free Church?
  107. Church on the Square closing
  108. Looking for short term mission outreach
  109. Church on the Square - closing for renovations???
  110. Conservative ARP Presbyterian
  111. churches below 466A
  112. The Canticle of Canticles (The song of songs)
  113. New Pastor
  114. New Covenant Methodist church-South Campus
  115. New Church Start
  116. Muslim or Christian
  117. Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus
  118. What happened to Rev Dan Jackson @ New Cov
  119. St paul's polish national catholic church
  120. Methodist Church south of 466A
  121. Trunk or Treat
  122. Pope Francis
  123. New Church Start
  124. Wife needs a ride to Community United Methodist Church
  125. Local Intercessory Prayer group accepts online requests
  126. Catholics Returning Home
  127. Christmas Musical at Grace Tabernacle ticket reservations
  128. Are you a Christian
  129. chruch on the square
  130. Anyone been to Brownwood Baptist church?
  131. Pray for: Motorcycle rider down 11/24/13
  132. Thanksgiving Day Services
  133. special needs
  134. Calling those interested in a bible study?
  135. Lady Lake United Methodist Church (UMC)
  136. Non Denominational Church
  137. The search for a new church home....
  138. Looking for volunteer full-time choir director
  139. Position open: Sound Technician, pt time, Grace Tabernacle
  140. Contemporary Services
  141. Looking for Christian church with spirit-filled music
  142. Vatican Exhibit at St Timothy
  143. Experience "easter" as never before - free tickets
  144. Roger Grenier April 8
  145. Fish Fry
  146. Grace Tabernacle
  147. Easter Sunrise Service
  148. The Passion, free tickets online
  149. Profoundly professional local Easter musical
  150. Sunrise Service
  151. The Passion at Grace Tabernacle..short video
  152. I have household Items to donate. Where should I go?
  153. Carman in concert, May 30, 5 miles E. of Brownwood
  154. Live in companion, the villages
  155. The Third Way
  156. Christian Ballet Recital 7 p.m. tonight 6/7/14
  157. video Enjoy God's Grace..Joseph Prince
  158. Children's Musical Wed. 6/11, near Brownwood
  159. Local Pastor podcast from Grace Tabernacle
  160. North Lake Presbyterian
  161. Fairway Christian Church
  162. A Course in Miracles.
  163. First Presbyterian Wildwood
  164. Church for an independent thinking person?
  165. When do you feel closest to God?
  166. I read the church question and thought, "Get me to the thread on time."
  167. It might just help, and it couldn't hurt..
  168. Golf cart accident today..prayer needed
  169. Catholic Churches
  170. Congratulations on your new lovely church.
  171. TOTV Monthly Get Together at Crispers - This Friday, August 15
  172. Any practicing Buddhist here ?
  173. Did anyone watch this on HBO?
  174. Should we pray for the wicked?
  175. Symbolon
  176. How Far Would You Travel to go to Church on Sunday?
  177. Christmas spectacular
  178. Passion and Purpose
  179. Clothes Donations
  180. Free Christmas Concert and children's pageant
  181. Meditation
  182. New Church in the Villages
  183. Church other than Sunday?
  184. What Gift are you giving the Child Jesus?
  185. 7th Day Adventists
  186. Shape Note Singing
  187. Traditional Protestant Church Service
  188. New Bible Study
  189. Passion Play at Grace Tabernacle, east of Brownwood
  190. Eddie James Christian concert, March 11
  191. Lake Hermosa Church Of God
  192. Church Worship Band
  193. Want To Do A Mitzvah?
  194. Chapel of Christian Faith
  195. prayer meeting for our country
  196. Uplifting TV
  197. Methodist church?
  198. Faith Awakening
  199. Living rosary today
  200. Mission Week Oct 26-29
  201. Healing Service
  202. Would You Like To Do A Mitzvah?
  203. No Midnight Mass at St. Vincent dePaul
  204. Ministerial Groups
  205. Priest, Prophet and King
  206. Baptist churches in area
  207. Scientology
  208. Will donate piano to local church
  209. Ride to St.Raphael in Inverness
  210. The Congregational Church has a New Building
  211. Companion/Caregiver
  212. St. Timothy Catholic Churcch
  213. Baptist churches
  214. Early Morning Kabballah Study
  215. Hope Lutheran Church
  216. Catholic
  217. Three Day Mission this week
  218. tickets available
  219. The Fourth Cup
  220. Easter Service
  221. Healing Music Tour at UCC at The Villages
  222. Looking for a non-denominational church
  223. St. George Episcopal Church
  224. Post Rapture Population?
  225. United church of christ atv prayer vigil
  226. A Bible Verse Close to my Heart
  227. Happy Reformation Day!
  228. Hope for Healing Service
  229. On this 12/16/2107. Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
  230. The Gospel Road 12/22
  231. North Lake Presbyterian Benefit this Mon & Tues Nite - Blues Brothers Musical Revue
  232. Lenten Mission at St Vincent de Paul
  233. Church Question
  234. Young Adult
  235. Mass of Forgiveness
  236. Movie Today
  237. Blessing of Animals
  238. United Church of Christ Holiday Market and Craft Sale
  239. Concert
  240. Dec 13
  241. what, no temple?
  242. Anglican Church - St. Albans - Lady Lake
  243. United Church of Christ 2-day Yard Sale
  244. Piedmont College Singers Concert
  245. Younger church crowd
  246. NEWS for BYZANTINE CATHOLICS in The Villages and surrounding area
  247. Catholic Charities
  248. Pianist sought
  249. Congregation Beth Sholom
  250. Newspaper donations for recycling